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Since first planning my route, a glacial flood washed a bridge away in the south of the country, near Vík. It has now been repaired fortunately! Because of this however, and to take advantage of hopefully better weather in August than in September, I decided to travel clockwise round Iceland instead of anticlockwise, starting off with the Snæfellsnes peninsula and the Westfjords before heading east to Akureyri and Route 1 round to the south. I was hoping also to explore several other areas if time permitted; with a few exceptions, I managed them, though Déttifoss, Ásbyrgi and the far northeast (Raufarhöfn, Vopnarfjörður, Borgarfjörður Eystri and the furthest north part of mainland Iceland – Hraunhafnartangi) - will have to wait for my next trip! I did however get to explore the Eastfjords, the northwest (Hofsós, Sauðarkrókur and Siglufjörður), and (briefly) the Westman Islands as well as merely cycling the ringroad – which of course would have been pifflingly easy. Rather than describe in detail my route (boring for those who can understand it, incomprehensible to those who can’t), I’ll let the pictures do the talking – the following are the route maps for my trip on google maps.

My first week - Kópavogur and Ljósið to Grundarfjörður, Snæfellsnes. 08/08/11 – 14/08/11

View Singaroundiceland.com - 08.08.11 - 14.08.11 in a larger map

Week two - from Grundarfjörður to Hvítanes (Snæfellsnes to Westfjords) (15–21 Aug)

View Singaroundiceland.com - 15.08.11 - 21.08.11 in a larger map

Week three - from Hvítanes to Broddanes (south of Hólmavík) - Westfjords (22–28 Aug) – including coach trip to Látrabjarg.

View Singaroundiceland.com - 22.08.11 - 28.08.11 in a larger map

Week four - from Broddanes to Akureyri (North Iceland) (29 Aug – 04 Sept)

View Singaroundiceland.com - 29.08.11 - 02.09.11 in a larger map

Week five - from Akureyri to Seyðisfjörður (North to Northeast Iceland) (05–11 Sept)

View Singaroundiceland.com - 06.09.11 - 11.09.11 in a larger map

Week six - from Seyðisfjörður to Hólmur, Hornarfjörður (Eastfjords) (12–18 Sept) – including hitchhiking from Hólmur to Vík and back.

View Singaroundiceland.com - 12.09.11 - 18.09.11 in a larger map

Week seven-and-a-bit; from Hornarfjörður to Reykjavík and Ljósið (South Iceland) (19–26 Sept) – including ferry to and sightseeing trip around Heimæy, Westman Islands

View Singaroundiceland.com - 19.09.11 - 25.09.11 in a larger map

To follow my progress in more detail you can read my blog at http://cycleseven.org/category/dans-sing-around-iceland-cycle-tour by clicking on the button below (last update Wednesday 02 November) – happy reading!