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There are an awful lot of folk who have helped with all aspects of my trip. I can’t list them all here, but I must respond in kind to all those businesses and organisations that went out of their way for me – they need to make a living and they deserve a plug in return for helping me on my way (and for being such damnably great people.) First, though, the links purely concerning my trip;

daniel@singaroundiceland.com - my email address.

CycleSeven - my blog, to follow my progress and hear more about my trip!

Facebook - my Facebook page, for updates on my progress and keeping in touch with new friends.

YouTube - my audition video!

JustGiving - my fundraising page!

Carers' Resource - the Harrogate-based charity I am supporting jointly with Ljosid.

Ljósiđ - the Icelandic charity, an organisation which supports cancer sufferers. (NB to visitors from England – this site is only in Icelandic!)

Ljósiđ Facebook - their Facebook page.

Good In Parts - the choir who introduced me to Iceland. Thank you.

Kvennakór Kópavogs - the Ladies Choir we exchanged with from Kopavogur. (NB. This page is also in Icelandic - for a description of the choir from their president, please see below*.)

Kvennakór Kópavogs Facebook - their Facebook page. Become friends and they’ll be yours for life!

*Kvennakór Kópavogs The Women's choir of Kopavogur was founded in January 2002 and celebrates its 10th year in 2012. The choir is active from September till May each year. There are about 40 women in the choir, women of different shapes and sizes, but all are fun and wonderful and have the love for singing. The choir is relatively young and is still learning - our aim is therefore always to have challenges, to learn something new and become better at what we do. We usually hold two concerts a year, one before Christmas and one before the summer break, but besides that the choir has held smaller concerts in coffee houses and joined other choirs in late night concerts. For the last three years the choir has organized and hosted a big charity concert, where many of Iceland's biggest singers have performed. All artists have performed for free and all the money raised has been donated to a local charity that helps families in financial crisis. The concert is called "Hand in hand" and will be held every year from now on.

So, for accommodation, an official recommendation from me for:

Ţormóđur at Langaholt, Gardar, for a great meal and good company at a top-notch place to stay in Snćfellsnes;

Dóra and the team at Skriđuland, Dalir (great food, fuel and soon a guesthouse too);

Sigrún and Villi at Ferđaţjónustan Dćli in Viđidal - everything from camping to hotel rooms, and horse trekking, and a wonderful suite of delightful chambermaids, Veronica, Fía and Ellinor;

In the north, a thumbs-up to Lilja and Gísli at Hlíđ in Reykjahlíđ, Mývatn - a magical place to stay – and to their fun and friendly staff Stephanie Barille, singer-songwriter Richard Payne and photographeuse par excellence Sanna Andersson;

Möđrudalur - your choice is limited up here so it's fortunate that the restaurant, campsite and accommodation are all top-notch. Oh yes, and the views are breathtaking. Thank you to Snorri!

Big thanks to Eđvald and Boggi at Randaberg for getting me back in the saddle;

to Marleen at Hjá Marlin in Reyđarfjörđur, a very sociable hostel and cosy restaurant, personally endorsed by a Mr Andri Freyr of Rás 2;

as was Hotel Framtiđ in Djúpivogur - truly excellent service, food, and the warmest of welcomes from Ćvar, Auđur, Berta and Alexandra. Thank you!

(While you're there you should really check out the Eggs of Merry Bay down by the harbour, an installation of 34 massive stone birds' eggs, complete with species name in Icelandic and Latin - and you won't then miss the museum (Craft shop? Workshop? Home?) of Willi (Hvarf), furniture maker-turned-sculptor and collector of all things natural - stones, crystals, animal skeletons—all of which he presents as works of art in a real Aladdin’s cave of natural history. He's also truly fascinating.)

Further south, Magnus Guđjonsson and Guđjón Magnusson run the Hólmur Farm Zoo and Gisting, west of Höfn - exotic Icelandic animals and a comfortable place to sleep;

Thank you to Sveinn Jensson at the Icelandair Hotel at Kirkjubćjarklaustur (Klaustur);

and the wonderful staff, Björgvin, Halla Rós and Solveig at Hotel Höfđabrekka at Vík (delicious meals as well as a great hotel). I got to sing for them while live on air with Andri Freyr on Rás 2 (weekdays 9-12.15) - you want a decent mix of older tunes in with your playlist stuff, Rás 2 is the station you should be listening to - and thanks once again to Andri and Gunna Dís for supporting me and looking out for me during my trip, you were a great comfort guys! (And you all know by now which paper you should be reading in Iceland - they're a cool bunch at The Reykjavík Grapevine.)

For tourist info and visitor attractions: Freyja at Leifsbúđ tourist info, café and campsite in Búđurdalur (very friendly, generous and able to accommodate 60 tourists at short notice, AND remain friendly – and then have a game of Volleyball at the campsite while I collapsed in front of my camping stove!);

my friend Sigurđur Atlason at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Hólmavík, where I had the best hákarl I've ever tasted;

and my #1 fan, Hákon Ţór Sindrason, who writes a mean travel guide: the excellent Visitors Guide.

Thanks to the very helpful and decent Heimir at Ísafjörđur tourist information centre;

Jón who drives a great bus tour to Látrabjarg or Hólmavik from Isafjörđur, for Sterna Travel;

and Ester at the Arctic Fox Centre (Melrakkasetur) in Súđavík in the West Fjords - a lovely way to find out more about the only native mammal in Iceland.

Thank you also to Hallur at Stell Printing in Akureyri, who did a wonderful job of my thank-you cards;

and Regina at the Skaftafell Visitor Centre - base camp for glacier trekking and waterfall walks below Vatnajökull.

Big up to the girls and boys of the University of Iceland Choir (hear them on Youtube here) - if you appreciate good music, they may party like demons but they sing like angels.

Finally, a huge plug for the delightful Berglind Ósk Guttormsdóttir from Extreme Iceland, for having mercy on a desperate hitchhiker who badly needed a weekend off - 250km away. If you are wanting a top-tier tour guide with an engaging manner, there are plenty of good reasons you should ask for her by name.

Thank you also in the UK:

Out and About outdoor shop, Harrogate – for loads of help with affordable but top-quality kit, advice and encouragement – and of course giving me the desire to do something inspiring with my leisure time. Cheers!

Enid Taylors Printing, Cold Bath Road, Harrogate – who made a wonderful job of posters, brochures and thank-you cards – and have a great blend of professionalism, friendliness and approachability;

Flying Colours flagmakers of Knaresborough, who made a brilliant pennant to advertise my trip from the back of my bike, at very short notice, and through a work backlog courtesy of a broken printing machine – you’re darlings and thoroughly deserve your royal endorsement!

Spa Cycles of Wedderburn Avenue, Harrogate, without whom I’d have had no bike to do the trip, or any of the forty tours I’ve done in the last fifteen years; banter, advice, know-how and top touring and general cycling gear, at the best prices you’ll find in any LBS (Local Bike Shop). And a great team of great folks who make me proud to call myself a cyclist.

St. John Street Cycles, who strived to find me some spare tyres the week before I left, in case Iceland’s roads defeated my excellent Schwalbe Marathon Supremes.. which coped just fine, but I’m sure the Dureme spares will come in handy during an UK winter!

The CTC Forum, a great resource of helpful, well-informed folks (with the odd humorist and keen debater keeping things fresh), for a great deal of valuable advice – and an introduction to the folks at cycleseven, who write a great blog, cycle a good ride (regularly), and who provided a great chance for me to join them and keep people updated about my trip. Just have to catch up a bit with my posting though!

Thanks to Harrogate’s Wheel Easy cycling club, for companionship, support and the encouragement to get myself fit enough to do this trip in the months leading up to departure – and, through its members, the loan of some handy kit and advice for getting my bike safely to Iceland! If you’re local or just ever in the area, you won’t find a friendlier group of riders (the clue’s in the name); they meet at 9.30 on Sunday and Wednesday mornings at Hornbeam Park for a choice of rides of a length and pace to suit everyone. No, everyone. ?

A big thank-you also to Cycle Centre Penzance, for helping me out earlier this year. To check whether I and my bike were fit for such a challenge, I went on a two-week tour in April.. from Land’s End to John O’Groats. After I found the granny ring (smallest front gearwheel, used for big hills) skipping under load on the first day - which hadn’t happened before, with or without luggage or hills - they fitted a replacement on a Friday morning for me, allowing me to continue. But on Saturday I was back, having returned from Truro with a faulty headset.. which also had given no trouble in two years of touring, but now needed replacing! Again they fitted me in when they were already busy, leaving me a day behind schedule but able to continue a two-week trip rather than write the whole holiday off. Thanks to them, my bike was fit for touring round Iceland, as well as finishing a 1020-mile LeJOG. Thank you! They’re good guys, and a damn fine bike shop too.

Oxford International College – the only business to sponsor me, thank you very much! - a private tutorial college in Oxford for 15-21 year olds, and the day-job of a Mr Nick Strugnell who by night is a tireless charity junkie and whose kind and thorough advice and support for this trip I found invaluable. Last year, he and Peter Downey of Prestige Wedding Fairs cycled 850 miles round Iceland – in two weeks – raising Ł14k for Reach and thereby knocking my achievement into something of a cocked hat (though they were neither visiting the furthest corners of Iceland, nor singing for their supper!) Read about their trip here or here.

Sponsors, groups and choirs – thanks to all the following for their support!

Charlie’s Place, 62 Otley Road, Harrogate – a place I’m proud to call my local. You’re a top lot and it’s always a pleasure to visit (they do b&b there too!). Just bring an open mind and a sense of humour and you’ll be more than welcome.

M&S – my place of employ; thank you to everyone who supported me and wished me well!

Ultimate Music Entertainment (formerly Ultimate Voice) – a huge thankyou to John and Anna for all their help in preparing me vocally for my trip and their encouragement, advice and friendship over the last five years.

Cranleigh Choral Week – originally in Harrogate but since 2007 in Cranleigh School, the largest one-week choral course in the UK and with a loyal following of singers from all over the country. Always fun and a very successful, entertaining week for all! (2012 dates: 12-19 August)

Good In Parts, Leeds – who exchanged with Kvennakór Kópavogs last year and set this whole thing rolling;

Harrogate Choral Society - the finest choral society in North Yorkshire! (IMO ?)

Harrogate Festival Choral Course – an annual singing course in North Yorkshire for anyone who enjoys choral singing, friendship and a healthy dose of fun and laughter! Thanks again for all your support over the years. (2012 dates: 21-26 August)

Romsey Choral Society – friends for life after many years of singing together all over the country!

St. Michael's Church, Beckwithshaw – the place to find me on a Sunday morning since 1998;

Wimbledon Choral Society – another group of great friends at the other end of the UK!

And of course to everyone who has sponsored me, spread the word or wished me well with this crazy venture. It needed someone like me to dream the whole thing up, plan it, and carry it off – but it needed all of your support to make it possible: if it hadn’t been such an outrageous trip, I’d have never captured nearly so many imaginations, nor received the level of help or publicity. Here’s proof that we all adore a good ol’ fashioned English eccentric. ?

Thank you all, God bless, Kćrar ţakkír! See you next time! Og gangi ykkur vel!