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Hello! My name is Daniel Hutton, a cyclist and singer from Harrogate in England. In August and September 2011 I spent seven weeks cycling 3000km round Iceland to raise money and awareness for two charities, The Carers’ Resource in Harrogate and Ljósiđ Endurhćfing, a support centre for cancer sufferers in Reykjavik (Ljósiđ = light, endurhćfing = rehabilitation.) To make my trip possible financially, I asked the people of Iceland to give me a meal and a bed for the night, in return for which I would give them a solo singing recital, a private concert in their home, to say thank you for their hospitality - singing for my supper all round Iceland. This site and the links attached will tell you more about me, my trip, Iceland and its culture, landscape and people, the charities I was supporting, and the people and organisations who helped me. It also acted as my shop window for my tour - both for those interested in how I was doing or who wanted to find out more about the charities I was supporting, and for people who wanted to offer me a bed for the night during my trip.

I finished my ride on Monday 26 September when I cycled the last few kilometres to Ljósiđ in Reykjavík, and on Thursday 29 September Ljósiđ hosted a concert in my honour, with performances from Kvennakór Kópavogs, Karen Andreassen, Friđrik Dór and Jón Jónsson, as well as a couple of songs from me. The trip was a huge success and at the time of writing I have raised slightly over Ł3500 (almost 700.000ISK) for Ljósiđ and Carers' Resource – the total looks like maybe reaching Ł3750 or so, fingers crossed! If you would like to help, please click on the blue box to the right and you can donate there. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has helped by supporting me, giving me a bed for the night, offering me food or computer time, or helped spread the word! I am very sorry if I didn't managed to sing for everyone who offered help, but I couldn't visit everyone in Iceland (not for want of trying!) I will however be coming back to explore more, revisit friends and favourite spots, and will do my best to encourage others to do likewise.

Thank you for reading! It has been a pleasure visiting both your people and your country, and I take home some wonderful memories, many many new friends, and an awful lot of photos. Kćrar ţakkir!